This is my "photoblog" / "photographic web site".

As a photographer, one thing I really enjoy about photoblogs and forums is that there is a brief history as well as some technical notes about the images posted to which the viewer can respond. The viewer is free to comment, critique, or ask a question about the image. It's interactive.

As a photographer, I also need a web-site. A means to promote other projects I am involved with, as well as the sale of prints and services I offer.

This is an attempt to combine the best of both worlds.


Photography has been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. I purchased my first 35mm film camera in 1975. Primarily a black and white photographer, my studies now include color film, digital infrared, and digital color.

My goal is to not photograph something simply for what it is, but rather what "else" it is.

-- Anthony Aicardi


Any works that are for sale will be in the Gallery section and marked "(Print available)" at the end of the description. Prints vary in size ranging from 8x10-11x14. They can be sold as stand alone, dry mounted, dry mounted and matted as well as framed. If you are interested in making a purchase please use the "Contact" link at the top of each page and I will provide pricing details. Please include the print name with any questions you may have as well as your contact information. If you are interested in any works that are not tagged with "(Print available)". Contact me and I will see what I can do.



HEADSHOTS are a new and exciting interest that I am currently exploring. Through my association with the fine folks at UrbanTheater Company and my new found love for theater, it seems to be the natural direction I need to be heading. Targeting the new and aspiring actor, the goal is simple. Create high quality headshots at an affordable price. Easy? No - in fact it's what I call guerilla shooting. Doorways, alleyways, stairwells, etc... It's work. Rewarding? Absolutely! If you are interested please use the "Contact" link at the top of the page for more details.


PRODUCTION STILLS starting at 200.00. Interested? Use the "Contact" link at the top of the page for more details.


GALLERY - This is where I place some of my favorite images as well as images that are for sale. It is the actual photoblog. Here is where I give a little information about the image as well as some technical notes. Feel free to comment or critique.

PROJECT 360@50mm - Yet another "one picture a day" project beginning January 1, 2012. The project is comprised of color and black & white with the use of both digital and film cameras. The only constant is that all images are shot using a 50mm (normal lens). I hope you enjoy.. Feel free to comment or critique.

WORDPRESS - The dazed narratives of a one-man lowlife circus.


PEOPLE IN PLACE is a collection of portraits/environmental portraits that really don't fit into any specifice category. I just like them.

ASYLUM began a few years ago. This is one of those series that just happened. The result is a combination of deliberate, experimental, and accidental... late night thoughts.

FURRY FRIENDS is a collection of images of my pets, Max the dog, and Preston (aka Presto Chango) the cat. By no means am I a pet photographer, however, I do try to capture these two from time to time. Hope you enjoy.

I AM A LIFE is my accidental series. During my transition from Dallas to Chicago I had time to just wander about the city taking photographs. As time went on, I began to notice the same homeless people standing in the same places day after day. Finally, I asked one for a portrait. The man's name was Rick, and at first he said no. The next day I offered him five dollars for two images. After some thought, he said yes but that I could not use them in any way. I agreed. The shots came out nice, but at the same time I had agreed not to show them. The solution was simple. Find another person willing to let me post their image. This is how it all started. The title for the series came to me in a way I could not have imagined. While exiting a stop off the train in the loop, I saw a homeless woman sitting on a bench. I just saw the back of her, and on the back of her tee-shirt were the words "I Am A Life". This was all I needed and my series had begun..

The poem was written by Lisa Gelazin who is also a wonderful photographer.

NUDE STUDIES is a very small collection of images (five to be exact) depicting the mystical, or "other side". The result is a combination of Greek Goddesses and women of the Tarot. Three women shot with high speed Infrared film. I hope you enjoy.